Five best golf courses in Arizona for all levels

With warm temperatures throughout the year, many people in Arizona love to play golf. Even some PGA golfers, like Phil Mickelson and Michael McCullough have proudly called the state home. While these pro golfers have racked up numerous win resulting in money, endorsements and fame, golfers at all levels can find golf courses in Arizona on which to play 18 holes.

Grayhawk Golf Club

The 7,135 yard Grayhawk Golf Club is a beautiful Scottsdale course where those with an outstanding long game will excel. Obstacles face golfers who cannot control their balls trajectory on this 72-par course. This course offers fast firm greens that fall off on the sides presenting additional challenges for many players.

Huukan Golf Course

Narrow fairways often leave golfers in trouble at Huukan Golf Course near Bullhead City. Golfers who love to hit birdies may be frustrated on this 71-par course. When playing here, make sure to study putts carefully as the greens can be extremely tight and curvy. The greens are being returned to their natural Mohave Valley condition making hitting any iron on this beautiful course part of the unique fun.

Arrowhead Country Club

The Arrowhead Country Club in Glendale is one of the most beautiful courses in America and also one of the toughest to play. The 7,001-yard course requires players to hit a long ball to get to the greens while avoiding the courses numerous natural and man-made obstacles.

Silverleaf Golf Club

Unforgiving narrow fairways means that players have to hit an accurate shot to be successful at Silverleaf Golf Club in Scottsdale. This 7,267 yard course also features long greens where ball trajectory and length are equally important.

We-Ko-Pa Golf Club

The Sonoran desert adds a natural beauty to the We-Ko-Pa Golf Club. This Fort McDowell course is ranked among the top 25 resort courses in the United States by the Wall Street Journal. This course has a great variety of holes making it great fun for players of all ability levels. Particularly notable are the three short two shot holes. Keeping balls out of the bunkers can be great fun on this course.

Traveling to Camana Bay has Never Been Easier

There are plenty of reasons to visit Camana Bay, a town center in the Cayman Islands. From the clear water and pleasant climate to the variety of restaurants and activities you can do throughout Grand Cayman, Camana Bay offers something for everyone. Thankfully, it has become very easy to visit Camana Bay.

The easiest way to get to Camana Bay is to hop on a plane and fly down there in comfort. Air traffic to Grand Cayman has increased every year for a decade now, and that trend shows no signs of slowing down anytime soon.

In fact, the abundance of travelers to Grand Cayman has led the airport to expand the number of flights to make it easier for visitors to get to and from the island. Expansions for the Owen Roberts International Airport are expected to be completed in 2018, and they will make it much easier to visit Grand Cayman. The runways will expand to accommodate massive 777 aircraft that can hold hundreds of people at a time. The rest of the airport will also grow in order to accommodate all of the people that will fly on those planes with expanded lounges, shops, and more gates to help get people on their flights as quickly as possible. This expansion follows hot on the heels of a previous expansion to the airport’s facilities.

People who want to fly to Grand Cayman but would rather not wait until 2018 can take advantage of nonstop service from United Airlines that runs from O’Hare International Airport. Expanded service is also available for people leaving from the Washington Dulles International Airport.

Once you’re there, it is easy to travel around and experience a number of different things in the Cayman Islands, regardless of what flight you use to get there in the first place. The Owen Roberts International Airport  is only five minutes away from the heart of George Town, and it’s almost as close to Seven Mile Beach and many other popular destinations in and around Camana Bay.

It’s very easy for visitors to simply get in a taxi and get to wherever they want to go, or even to walk to many of the destinations that are closer to the airport. There are plenty of options, and all of them are quick, easy, and convenient for everyone who wants to use them.

Travel Agents Reveal the Hottest Emerging Destinations

If you’ve been vacationing to the same old places year after year after year, it’s time for a break. How about someplace new?

Karen La Rosa, owner of La Rosa Works, Sicily Travel and Tourism says that Sicily, Italy hasn’t always had the best reputation for being tourist-friendly, but it has changed tremendously over the last few years.

“Sicily was always a popular destination among the literati and even the glitterati, in part because it was not so crowded with regular tourists,” she explained. “Fast forward to today, and a summertime walk down the Taormina streets that D.H. Lawrence and de Maupassant waxed poetic about, will have you hearing many different languages and standing in line for that mouthwatering gelato. (Sicily’s) wine has found its place on the international map. Hotels are refining themselves while maintaining their historic beauty. Spas and wellness hotels are growing in number.”

La Rosa said that Sicily is adapting, in part due to the hard-working and determined young population. “Over time, Sicily has been overtaken by more than 15 different empires,” she said. “Today, the empire of tourism is approaching the coastlines.”

The Eastern European country of Croatia has become one of the hottest destinations for agents right now. “Due to the situation in the Middle East and North Africa (Turkey, Egypt, Tunisia), all the people who wish to enjoy sea, sun, great food and amazing scenery, and do not wish to pay South France and Italy prices, go to Croatia,” said Mitja Mirtic from Goolets LTD.

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Visit Buena Vista Miami

Buena Vista in Miami, Florida, has become a favorite location for tourists, locals, and celebrities. This destination is home to many exciting attractions, and has continued to develop throughout the years. Buena Vista is a historic neighborhood and is north of the Design District. It is also one of the oldest neighborhoods in Miami.

Buena Vista started out as a small village in the 1890s, with many houses, grocery stores, and churches. As the Miami population grew in the early 1900s, more and more buildings started to be put into the area and it began to grow. The houses here have unique styles such as, Bungalow, Pueblo, Art Deco and Mediterranean Revival. Today, Buena Vista is a lot more than just a neighborhood with houses. Now, there are restaurants, museums, and high-rise apartment buildings.

Jungle Island is a popular attraction and is fun for all ages. Here, visitors can see many exotic plants and animals. There is a VIP safari tour available and camps that children can participate in. One of the most popular restaurants in the area is the Buena Vista Bistro. It’s an award winning spot and is known as the “Best Late Dining” by the Miami New Times. This restaurant in 1950s themed and ingredients come fresh from the market. The Perez Art Museum Miami is another hotspot in the Buena Vista neighborhood. This museum features modern and contemporary international art. It has an beautiful view of Biscayne Bay and shows 12 exhibitions at a time. The last attraction spot to mention is the Vista View Park. This 272 acre park is a great way to be outdoors. There are basketball courts, fishing spots, nature trails, and golf courses. This park is so popular that activities can fill up fast.

Because Buena Vista is so close to Buena Vista Lake and Disneyworld, many celebrities travel here for vacation, and sometimes work. Reba McEntire and Charlie Puth were recently in the area and both of them also made their way to Disneyworld. Craig Robins, Neil Patrick Harris, and Chris Rock also travel here frequently. Adam Sandler and George Clooney have been spotted in Buena Vista as well.

Buena Vista has grown quite a bit from the small village is started out as. It is a great destination to visit with many different things to do for fun.

Memories Made Over Caribbean Food

Going out to eat is one of the best ways people build bonds and maintain relationships today. Restaurants are establishments where memories are made, conversations are had and food is shared. While on vacation it is important to take advantage of the restaurants of wherever you may be since they will often have cuisine that is native to the location of where you are traveling. If you are in New England there is nothing quite like the fresh seafood or famous New England clam chowder. If you are in Mexico, you definitely will find the best guacamole you will ever have. The guacamole in Mexico definitely gives Chipotle a run for its money.

The restaurants in Grand Cayman are some of the best restaurants in the British Caribbean territory. The native flavors, fresh organic fruits and vegetables are incorporated into several delicious dishes. Ortanique is one of my favorite restaurants on the Island, which is in the care of Cindy Hutson, award-winning chef.

Ortanique is a fabulous restaurant on Grand Cayman. Ortanique’s cuisine is more Caribbean based, but has a unique flair that most Caribbean food doesn’t have. All of the food at Ortanique has the freshest fruits, vegetables, spices and fish on the island. Although, nothing is quite like Ortanique’s annual Full Moon Pig Roast, which is a feast on the beach with music, friends, and family!

As Julia Child said, “People who love to eat are always the best people.”

Take a road trip on the Great Ocean Road – Australia

One of the most stunning coastal drives in the world, the Great Ocean Road is Victoria’s prized possession, an Australian National Heritage site and one that attracts visitors both domestic and international all year round – and it isn’t hard to see why.  With 243 kilometres of winding roads cut into the cliff face, crashing surf and striking rock formations towering out of the sea, the Great Ocean Road certainly earns its name.


Most people will begin their road trip in Melbourne, the state capital of Victoria. When considering a car for a long trip, comfort is key and Honda cars are always a good bet for example the CR-V is going to give you that extra leg room. As an alternative you could try out a jeep for a safe and reliable ride – especially if you’re planning to travel off the main roads.

The Great Ocean Road officially runs between the towns of Torquay and Warnambool. From Melbourne, a good route is to start at Warnambool (the furthest point on the Great Ocean Road from Melbourne) and work your way back towards the city. You can stop off en route to Warnambool at the Grampians National Park, which offers some beautiful hikes in the mountains.

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Miami’s Upscale Shopping is on the Upswing

Miami, Florida is once again riding a wave of popularity that harkens back to the glory days of the 1980s and 1990s when Miami Vice ruled the television air waves. Proof of this is a resurgence of numerous luxury shopping areas around the city and a recent influx of new high-fashion brand stores.

Located only three miles from downtown Miami, the Design District has quickly become an international shopping destination similar in layout to the Soho District in New York City and Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills. Luxury-brand stores like Hermès, Louis Vuitton, Cartier and Céline are only a few of the high-end brands that have flocked to the revitalized downtown district. Another 100 new stores are expected to be added over the next two years as the developer continues adding to the project.

In addition to the shopper looking for their favorite upscale fashion stores, the Design District also offers a collection of art galleries and museums featuring international works by famed artists from around the world. This integration of classic art, luxury-fashion stores and international food offerings in the Miami Design District has made it a hugely successful tourist draw.

The Bal Harbour Shops high-end shopping center first opened in 1965 to serve North Miami Beach. It remains as one of the country’s most elite shopping districts where shoppers can browse luxury shops like Gucci, Versace, Prada and Tiffany & Co. Another 40 top-brand stores are scheduled to arrive with the completion of 250,000 square feet of new retail space.

Aventura Mall near North Miami Beach is a classic 3-story mall that is already rated as one of the most-visited shopping malls in America. Large stores like Macy’s, Nordstrom and Bloomingdale’s are surrounded by luxury-brand stores like Emilio Pucci, Bruberry and REDValentino. A scheduled 240,000 square-foot expansion will draw even more top-end stores in the future.

South Beach hosts a popular shopping area called Lincoln Road and Collins Avenue. Only blocks from the beach and its string of famed seaside hotels, the two streets offer a mix of high-end boutiques like the Kardashian’ DASH store and Alchemist along with upscale brands like Armani.

This recent expansion into the Miami area by a plethora of international luxury-brand stores is no accident. With the coming renewal of open relations between Cuba and the United States, the draw of visitors to the Sunshine State is expected to skyrocket even higher in the years ahead.

Where to Travel to Cure Post-Summer Blues

Labor Day may be over and summer is coming to an end, but the heat is here to stay for another few weeks. With that warm mentality and less expensive air and hotel fares, there is no reason not to take that last minute summer vacation. Here are some ideas to help you plan your next trip, whatever your interests may be.

Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands
If you’re more interested in a tropical getaway, Grand Cayman is the spot for you. Featuring miles and miles of beaches and the best shopping around, you’ll never be bored on this island. Take a boat tour to Stingray City, which takes you right off the island to the middle of the North Sound that is filled with friendly stingrays waiting for you to swim and take pictures with them. The area is a perfect spot for the family that is already planning their holiday card photo.

If you want to relax, there’s an amazing array of Cayman Islands shopping. One of the best Cayman Islands shopping locations is in Camana Bay. In this new town center, you will find everything from Lilly Pulitzer staples to local gifts. Boasting many different stores and services, spend all day here to have some fun and take a break from the heat.

Dallas, Texas
Dallas is a bustling new-aged southern city that offers many more activities than just your local cowboy bar (although there will be plenty of those). Dallas Museum of Art is open from 11am-5pm every day except Monday and admission is free, a great way to escape the heat and do something semi-educational while on vacation. Sports more your thing? Take a quick trip to Dallas Cowboy’s Stadium for a self-guided tour for only $17.50 per person and pretend you are Roger Staubach.

Charleston, South Carolina
Looking for a relaxing beach town with the old southern charm you have been craving? Well, Charleston should be next on your vacation list. Charleston boasts some of the best walking tours in the United States. Whether the Charleston Footprints or the Oyster Point Historic walking tours, you will find the perfect one for you. While you are walking around be sure to attend a Fighting Cougars baseball game at the College of Charleston to delve more into the great history of the town (and only a stone’s throw away from the beach too!).

Take a break from whatever you are working on and take a moment to book those flights and get on your next adventure.

4 Food Tips You Can Follow In Order To Save Money When You Are Traveling

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Are you planning to travel? If you are, then you do know by now that food is a huge chunk of your travel expense when you are not careful. You will be eating three times a day or way more than that. You need to make sure you are eating food without spending too much on it.

Here are four tips which you can easily follow in order to save money when you are traveling:

1. Set a budget.

First, you need to set a budget first as to how much you should allocate as your food allowance. Calculate it on a per meal basis. Do not be too frugal about. Just enough where you can eat the delicious meals without even starving.

mena-creek-hotel-food-website-2013-vital-photography image2. Say no to hotel food.

We already know that hotel food does cost much. It does not even fill your stomach up. You are not traveling in order to starve yourself. You are traveling because you want to relax and satisfy your taste buds. The hotel is not the place to be for it.

3. Go to the market and make your own meal.

If you are near to a market or have access to it, you can always buy fresh veggies where you can make a salad. Or, be able to buy fruits which you can cut into small pieces and eat is as a snack or a full meal.

4. Eat at a decent food place.

Going to a fancy restaurant is a big no when you are traveling. You can eat delicious meals and food delicacies at a local food place. You will be able to taste dishes that are filling to your stomach and satisfy you big time. The best part is you only need to pay a fraction of the cost of a fancy restaurant.

As you can you see, you need not spend a lot of money on food. All you have to do is to follow through the above-mentioned tips. Guaranteed you will enjoy eating without getting stressed out as to how much you have spent on food alone. If you are not careful you might quite a few pounds on your weight. But hey! It is definitely worth it after all. You are rewarding yourself for a job well done at work or home. You deserve it.

Another tip, do research ahead of time as to the different local food places where you can dine for delicious meals. Do also look for what are the local delicacies that are a must taste. In this way, you will never get confused on what to eat and where you can get it from.