Treat Yourself to Beuana Vista, Miami!

Buena Vista is a breathtaking place of beauty founded in 1857 and located within Miami, Florida. Architecturally brilliant antique homes decorate its famous historical area, where they sit nestled on sprawling, decadent avocado/mango fields. These homes are created with magnificent artistry consisting of mosaic tiles, coral rock and pine, and there are no others like them anywhere else. This amazing area didn’t always look so glamorous, however, and it wasn’t until the railway made its appearance in 1896 thereby booming the economy, and millionaire Craig Robins purchasing huge amounts of property to transform them into what the eye beholds today, that the metamorphosis was complete. Robins literally took the dense forest-covered land, cleared it, and shaped it into the gorgeous waterfront Miami Design District seen at this present time, where people from all over the world have come to enjoy and love. The area continues to grow and expand, creating an even more spectacular view as time goes on.

Although the main attraction of this area is, of course, the famous Walt Disney World Theme Park, it is the surrounding restaurants and cocktail bars with their cozy indoor/outdoor seating, the charm of their hospitable staff, and the fresh salty ocean breeze caressing one’s face as they relax that make it a one-of-a-kind place to visit. If that doesn’t top the list of amazing places for the well-informed traveler, there are also plush, green golfing courses, dining theaters throughout the town offering all types of entertainment, exquisite shopping, and a vast array of authentic food from all over the world to choose from! People can treat their self to the taste other countries, and still remain in town!

The worldwide famous are also drawn to this stunning place by the droves including the likes of President Bill Clinton, Tor Kelly, Gloria Estefan, Urkel, Jay-Z, Kanye West, Cameron Diaz, and Reba McEntire, and it is quite common to frequently spot celebrities as you make your way through the festive resort town, from day to day.

The Buena Vista area is truly the ultimate get-a-way, and it is as magical as it its historical. The heart has tranquility right from the moment of arrival, and one simply cannot go wrong with vacationing here. Come and enjoy a classy ambiance unlike anything else, and experience the magnetism of the people who live there. One cannot help but be sad to leave, and irresistibly compelled to return again and again.

The Historic Miami Design District Reemerges

In Florida The Miami Design District has been the in place to go to purchase fine art and interior design grade furniture and accessories for decades. Decorators, designers, and their customers shopped these hip and fashionable shops in the “District’ and enjoyed quality, variety, competitive, sometimes wholesale pricing for their homes and offices. Plug the name into your GPS and find it located just off I-95. near the Causeway. It has been in the same location for decades but has recently undergone a major facelift with the addition of new and exciting stores like Gucci, Givenchy, Cartier, Bulgari, Louis Vitton, Max Mara, and many other chic stores and gourmet restaurants. The experience of shopping at the Miami Design District is very similar to shopping up the coast on Worth Avenue in Palm Beach or across the state in Sarasota at St. Armands Circle. Browsing these fine stores is an experience at all locations and buying leaves a fond memory in your mind forever.

The “District” has reoriented itself. There are still fashionable furniture and accessories stores and art galleries but now it offers the addition of designer clothing and personal accessories. There is something for everyone to enjoy here.

Miami is fast becoming one of the most fashionable cities in the world. It has a long-held tourist reputation for wonderful beaches and warm waters, great fishing and diving and shopping. And now with the Perez Art Museum of Miami headquartered nearby, shopping and dining in the “District” have become an essential part of the Miami cultural experience.

While in the “District” keep your eyes open for the glitterati of Miami. The Miami-Ft. Lauderdale area has attracted the greatest number of celebrities east of California. If you don’t see a celeb, you’ll see dozens who look like or should be celebrities among the numbers of people enjoying the experience. You could see Kate Hudson at Chrome Hearts or Robins walking down the street or shopping for diamonds next to you at Harry Winston.

Be on the alert for Bentleys and Rolls and whoever may be inside, but most of all enjoy this unique shopping experience. Wear light and white fashionable clothes and become a part of this exciting international city.

The Top Five Recruiting and Placements Companies in DC

The process of hiring the right candidates for a certain job has never been an easy task. However, when the executive recruiters like Gary Burnison were introduced, this has been made much professional and easier. Below are five top recruiting and placement companies in DC.

1) Lucas Group.
Lucas Group is one of top recruiting firms in DC. Andrea Jennings has been a CEO of this company for six years. They provide exceptional search and placement services, and they have a specialized knowledge of recruiting circles. Their recruiters are trained and molded into the very best in the industry. They will help you discover opportunities that you never knew they existed and thus help you to assist you in climbing to your career goals.

2) CSI Executive search

Founded in 1997, CSI is one of the national leading recruiting and consulting firms. It was established by Donnar Sphar who is the company’s CEO. They are experts in recruiting technical and operational leaders who will bring solutions that will help a company to the next level. This company will help an employee to land their dream job for their work with the very best businesses in DC.

3) JDG Associates.

Headed by Darren De Gioia, JDG has been recognized for recruiting senior level and executive talents for many years now. They have been offering their clients very experienced personnel for their firms which is their primary goal in their business. On the other hand, if you are looking to take your career to the next level, JDG will help you locate your next position.

4) Monster.

The managerial team of monster is headed by Timothy T Yates, who is the CEO. The Monster is an online connection for people who are looking for work and employers who need great personnel. Their mission is to help find the best job you can ever have and to give the employees to choose from the many available candidates. This helps both parties to realize their career and organizational goal.

5) B. E. Smith.

As a president, Cody Burch has helped to make B.E Smith exclusively in the health care platform. They assist in the placement and recruiting in the healthcare industry. They help healthcare providers in recruiting all the facilities, personnel, by providing highly talented and experienced people. They also help the very qualified staff in health care acquire good paying jobs.

Bottom Line, Executive recruiters have made it easier for employers to get the right people to do their work. For those looking for a job, that process has been made available and accessible. They offer speed, professionalism, dedication and productivity. Therefore, if you want an easier recruiting or getting recruited, this is what you might just need.

The History Behind the Miami Design District

Known as the crossroads for prominent Miami neighborhoods, the Design District once comprised low-rise warehouses and was known as Buena Vista. The district fell into urban decay between the 1980’s and 1990’s. In the later 1990’s and early 2000’s, the old buildings were converted into modern retail stores, restaurants, art galleries and quaint cafes. The Design District grew quickly in popularity. Public and private investors funneled money into building projects. Streets and sidewalks were redone and the area was given a landscaping face-lift.

With over 130 art galleries, shops and showrooms, the Design District, located only 10 miles from South Beach, is a top destination for fashion, art and design companies. It is home to luxury fashion shops, exquisite art galleries, antique dealers and of course, restaurants and bars. Famous retailers such as Louis Vuitton, Prada, Celine, En Avance and Cartier have opened shops with Hermes and Burluti soon to follow.

In the design world, a variety of showrooms can be found in the Design District. Ann Sacks, Holly Hunt, Kartell, Luinaire Contract and Waterworks, to name a few, found their way to the district as buildings were erected. Art Fusion, Galeria AQUA, Siaspora Vibe, Etra Fine Art and Solange Rabello Art Gallery are some of the big name galleries that have opened shop in the district. Because of the amazing design transformation of the area, architects were drawn in as well. Chad Oppenheim, Alison Spear, Matthew McDonald, HOC have gravitated to the budding neighborhood. Even famed photographer Iran Issa-Khan has opened a studio.

The redesign of the Design District can be attributed to Craig Robins. He persuaded Alison Spear, Peter Page and Holly Hunt to relocate to the area to get the ball rolling. With the influx of incredible shops, galleries and restaurants, celebrities began flocking to take advantage of the prestigious shopping and nightlife. The local joke developed for North 43rd and West First Ave is that if you don’t see a star, you must be blind. Tourists have spotted such icons as George Clooney, Craig Robins and Beyoncé. Even presidential candidate Donald Trump has been seen on the streets of the Miami Design District. Centrally located in Miami with its creative industry, posh retail stores, eclectic design and fashion studios, the Design District is the place to be for movie stars and sightseers with an eye for luxury.

Artisanal Chocolate in LA

You can get some of the best artisanal chocolate in LA, with many options to look forward to. Some chocolatiers import and process cacao beans making for an authentic experience and flavor. A few going a step further making bean-to-bar chocolate.

Bean to bar means importing cacao beans, fermenting them and crafting the chocolate from scratch. They roast the cacao beans, crack and winnow them, grind them into chocolate, conch and then add their unique twist while tempering, molding and packaging the chocolate.

Artisanal chocolate Los Angeles is simply some of the best you can find. Many people will look for the specialized chocolate they need on the streets of LA. Be sure to check out some of our choices for artisanal and bean to bar chocolate in LA below:

ChocoVivo (Culver City, CA) – Considered the original bean-to-bar chocolate shop in LA, Patricia Tsai makes chocolate using stone-grinders – the same way the Mayans and Aztecs did thousands of years ago. Try her pure and blended bars, chocolate “mylk” or buy bags of cacao nibs and beans. This chocolate factory is one of the most authentic in the area.

Mast Brothers (Downtown LA) – One of the newer bean to bar chocolate makers in the Los Angeles area, the Mast Brothers have a factory downtown that serves as a transparent window into the bean to bar process. Take a tour of the facility and try some of their creative bar flavors like goat milk, olive oil, and almond milk or take a taste of their non-alcoholic chocolate beer.

John Kelly Chocolates (Hollywood) – Another confectionary on the list would be the very authentic John Kelly chocolates. Kelly is a small batch chocolatier who specializes in chocolate fudge truffles, as well as a number of other specialties like chocolate caramels, clusters, and salty/spicy chocolate bars.

Summer 2016: Best Places to Eat in Miami

The cultural wealth of Miami’s Design District is breathtaking and overwhelming. With retailers Louis Vuitton and Hermes vying for our attention with galleries like Ermenegildo Zegna and Panerai, it’s hard to know how to budget our time. But let’s not forget that, when visiting the Design District, we’ll need to schedule in some meals. The only problem we’ll have here is deciding among the embarrassment of riches available: some of the most outstanding restaurants in Miami are located here.

Figuring out the best eats in the Design District is complicated and difficult. But, when all is said and done, here’s our list of the best of the best eateries found within the eighteen luscious blocks of Miami’s Design District.

Our Favorite: Michael’s Genuine Food and Drink

Chef Michael Schwartz has created the perfect recipe for a bistro: a quietly unassuming atmosphere, plenty of seating, and some of the most delicious food on the continent. The food is genuine, all right: genuinely delicious, being locally sourced and prepared with amazing skill and savoir faire. Dine in the main dining room and courtyard, or opt for The Bar Room’s raw bar (as in yellowfin tuna crudo with watermelon pickle or grouper ceviche with tangerine, hominy, and cilantro). Sunday Brunch gives customers a chance to relax alfresco while savoring a breakfast pizza with egg and bacon or some lemon ricotta pancakes. If dinner is the goal, Michael’s slow roasted and grilled beef short rib with romesco sauce and hazelnuts is an experience not to be missed. What about a passion fruit éclair for dessert?

Buena Vista Deli

There’s a definite French flavor to the Buena Vista Deli, immediately apparent from the glorious aroma of freshly baked breads and pastries. This is the place to sit, relax, and enjoy the Design District’s amazingly complex and heady ambience. Those delicious breads are at the heart of the menu: try the Campagne Sandwich, with homemade pate and cornichons.

MC Kitchen

Chef Dena Marino glorifies fresh and local. It’s her commitment to locally sourced ingredients that’s at the heart of her amazing Italian-American family-style cuisine. Brunch at MC Kitchen includes a black truffle bruschetta with prosciutto, and a pulled short rib open-face panino.

BSweet Coffee Shop

When it comes to a really great cup of coffee, the BSweet Coffee Shop won’t disappoint. Open from nine to four, it offers a great variety of fresh pastries, along with delicious sandwiches and a host of salads. If the mood is coffee and dessert, Chef Thomas Worhach offers a crème brulee that is unforgettable.

Is Buena Vista the New South Beach?

Boasting the third largest skyline in the nation, acres of neon lights, and a nightlife that never stops, Miami is known as one of the trendiest and hippest hotspots in the United States. There is so much to do, you could spend days exploring this culturally rich city and still not scratch the surface. Nestled in all the hustle and bustle of the city is the “not to be missed” Buena Vista neighborhood. Steeped in a rich history, blanketed in lush tropical foliage, and filled with luxury shopping and dining, Buena Vista is making quite a splash as one of Miami’s newest areas where you can shop, eat, relax, and enjoy the local culture.

Originally a pineapple plantation, Buena Vista saw a boom in the 1920’s as the rich and famous not only came to visit, but also built lavish and ornate villas and estates in the Mediterranean Revival, Craftsman, Neoclassical, and Art Deco styles. Once an actual town with a post office and town hall, Buena Vista was annexed by Miami in 1924 and continued to thrive until mid-century. In the late 1990’s, Florida real estate investor, Craig Robins, began to invest in Buena Vista’s Design District and as a result, the area has seen a resurgence in investment, development, and popularity. Soon, high end retailers such as Christian Louboutin, Prada, Louis Vuitton, and Tom Ford began filling the area.

The Miami Design District portion of Buena Vista is home to numerous art galleries and showrooms which host works from artists all around the world. In addition to art galleries, the Design District also offers fine dining and luxury shopping which attract celebrities on a regular basis. Celebrities such as Madonna and Lenny Kravitz have been known to visit the galleries and make purchases, while David Caruso and Eva Mendes have homes nearby. When Craig Robins hosted his birthday there, Kate Hudson and Pharrell Williams were in attendance.

After you’ve had your fill of art and shopping in the Design District, Buena Vista’s tree lined neighborhood streets, bistros, and Art Deco homes are a welcomed change of pace. Locally owned restaurants and boutiques keep the vibrant charm of Buena Vista alive and well.

So whether you have your heart set on celebrity sightings, high end shopping, fine dining, or taking in the local history and atmosphere, Buena Vista has something for everyone.

New Buildings Appearing In The Miami Design District

The Miami Design District is an amazing part of the city that houses many small shops, design studios and gorgeous buildings that have stood since the era of Art Deco design. The area has been improved over the years with help from large developers, and new buildings are appearing every day that should be heartening to people who love Miami. This article explains how one of the best places to shop in Miami will improve even more in the near future.

#1: The Original Shops and Shops

There are many independent shops in the Design District that sell their wares to customers who pass down the narrow streets every day. The Design District has been featured on TV shows such as Burn Notice, and the Design District has hosted designers who have gone to great acclaim. The shops in the Design District sit in lovely buildings that are still painted in the lovely colors that have stood for many decades.

#2: A New Shopping Center

A brand new shopping center is rising up in the Miami Design District that will host many of the most-recognized brands in the world. New stores will produce new jobs for residents in the area, and the shopping center will be a bit of a hub that sits in the center of the Design District. Smaller stores will gain business from the traffic created by Craig Robins’s famous brands, and everyone shopping in the area will have more opportunities to shop for beautiful designs.

#3: A New Look For The Design District

The Design District is slowly becoming a modern place to shop. The shop owners have been updating their signs over the past few years, and the buildings are receiving new coats of paint that look beautiful in the Miami sunshine. The beauty of the area is improving every year it becomes more modern, and modern buildings will begin to tower over the area to create the modern skyline that Miami residents are accustomed to seeing on a daily basis.

The Miami Design District is a wonderful place to shop for the finest clothing of the day, and shoppers who are accustomed to the look of the district will see a change coming. The new shopping center will focus on new stores, and the small shops on the avenue will continue to thrive as Miami residents come there to shop every day in the beautiful Miami sunshine.

Traveling to Camana Bay has Never Been Easier

There are plenty of reasons to visit Camana Bay, a town center in the Cayman Islands. From the clear water and pleasant climate to the variety of restaurants and activities you can do throughout Grand Cayman, Camana Bay offers something for everyone. Thankfully, it has become very easy to visit Camana Bay.

The easiest way to get to Camana Bay is to hop on a plane and fly down there in comfort. Air traffic to Grand Cayman has increased every year for a decade now, and that trend shows no signs of slowing down anytime soon.

In fact, the abundance of travelers to Grand Cayman has led the airport to expand the number of flights to make it easier for visitors to get to and from the island. Expansions for the Owen Roberts International Airport are expected to be completed in 2018, and they will make it much easier to visit Grand Cayman. The runways will expand to accommodate massive 777 aircraft that can hold hundreds of people at a time. The rest of the airport will also grow in order to accommodate all of the people that will fly on those planes with expanded lounges, shops, and more gates to help get people on their flights as quickly as possible. This expansion follows hot on the heels of a previous expansion to the airport’s facilities.

People who want to fly to Grand Cayman but would rather not wait until 2018 can take advantage of nonstop service from United Airlines that runs from O’Hare International Airport. Expanded service is also available for people leaving from the Washington Dulles International Airport.

Once you’re there, it is easy to travel around and experience a number of different things in the Cayman Islands, regardless of what flight you use to get there in the first place. The Owen Roberts International Airport  is only five minutes away from the heart of George Town, and it’s almost as close to Seven Mile Beach and many other popular destinations in and around Camana Bay.

It’s very easy for visitors to simply get in a taxi and get to wherever they want to go, or even to walk to many of the destinations that are closer to the airport. There are plenty of options, and all of them are quick, easy, and convenient for everyone who wants to use them.

Travel Agents Reveal the Hottest Emerging Destinations

If you’ve been vacationing to the same old places year after year after year, it’s time for a break. How about someplace new?

Karen La Rosa, owner of La Rosa Works, Sicily Travel and Tourism says that Sicily, Italy hasn’t always had the best reputation for being tourist-friendly, but it has changed tremendously over the last few years.

“Sicily was always a popular destination among the literati and even the glitterati, in part because it was not so crowded with regular tourists,” she explained. “Fast forward to today, and a summertime walk down the Taormina streets that D.H. Lawrence and de Maupassant waxed poetic about, will have you hearing many different languages and standing in line for that mouthwatering gelato. (Sicily’s) wine has found its place on the international map. Hotels are refining themselves while maintaining their historic beauty. Spas and wellness hotels are growing in number.”

La Rosa said that Sicily is adapting, in part due to the hard-working and determined young population. “Over time, Sicily has been overtaken by more than 15 different empires,” she said. “Today, the empire of tourism is approaching the coastlines.”

The Eastern European country of Croatia has become one of the hottest destinations for agents right now. “Due to the situation in the Middle East and North Africa (Turkey, Egypt, Tunisia), all the people who wish to enjoy sea, sun, great food and amazing scenery, and do not wish to pay South France and Italy prices, go to Croatia,” said Mitja Mirtic from Goolets LTD.

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